Network Support is Critical

By active participation in the Design Lab with school teams or without, network staff will learn the foundations of Impact Schedule Design.  With this understanding they will begin to learn how best to support the schools in their networks to think more broadly about creating experiences that support student and teacher success.

What to Expect

Weekly Design Lab Session with (or without) your School Team(s)
  1. Go to the Design Lab Homebase page.

  2. Click on the appropriate week on the left-hand menu.

  3. At your pre-assigned session time, click to pre-register and/or join your Zoom session.

  4. Keep the Home Base window open to access the activities.​

You will likely have at least three windows you will want to toggle between. It may be helpful to have your computer connected to an additional monitor (if possible) or to decrease the size of each window in order to be able to see multiple windows simultaneously.

Weekly Network Synergy Group Session

​Each week, participating network staff will come together to debrief and reflect on the Design Lab experience. This group will focus on how networks can work to decrease barriers and support school success from an Impact Design lens.  

Click on the button below to join the Network Synergy Group each week.

For help with Zoom:


For program questions:

Access school team folders here.

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