Smart Anchors for Adaptable Schedules

Design Catalysts are more important than ever because they can help your school build great online learning experiences for your students and families.  Home-based learning will be a part of every student's experience at some level all year -- whether they are engaged in a fully remote or hybrid model. Building these Catalysts into your Impact Schedule will help you handle the inevitable twists and turns that will be a part of this year.  Your school will be able to make the transition from fully remote to hybrid and back, if necessary, be less disruptive.


Every school has its unique context.  These Design Catalysts can greatly leverage your school's time & talent to accomplish much more than you might have thought possible -- even in the current COVID reality. 

Kid Jumping Trampoline

Create Safety Nets

Minimize your school's vulnerability to unexpected staffing changes due to COVID.

Boy in hat

Meet the Needs of All

Ensure compliance mandates are met.

Man on Computer

Engage Students & Support Teachers

Create experiences that are engaging for  students and structures that are sustainable for  teachers.

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