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Furman Brown, MS Special Education, CEO and Lead Designer

A specialist in whole-school design thinking and transformational scheduling, Furman is often described as an organizational puzzle builder. He helps public schools (district and charter) find uncommon yet practical solutions for organizing their talent, time, technology and space. He began his career in education as a member of the first group of Teach For America 30 years ago. 

In 2004, he won a prestigious Echoing Green Prize for his concepts on school innovation. The global competition helped him to found the nonprofit organization, Generation Schools, and demonstrate that schools can innovate within their existing contracts and context. Since 2012, he has focused on supporting existing schools nationwide as they develop sustainable whole-school solutions that make sense for their community. 

Karen Derrick-Davis, MS Social Work, Professional Learning Director

With over three decades of experience, Karen has worked in communities of all kinds -- always with the goal of organic, bottom-up strategies that can work within the particular context. Karen brought her problem-solving & outside-the-box orientation to 15 years of home-educating her children, which she refers to as "extreme personalized learning."  As part of that home education journey, she co-founded an inclusive homeschool education cooperative which continued for fifteen years. 

Throughout her children's primary and secondary education years, her family engaged with the local school districts in a variety of ways, participating in homeschool support programming, part-time schooling, on-line schooling, and full-time brick-and-mortar schooling.

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