We Embrace Continuous Improvement

Like you experienced in the spring and summer, the Tegy team has been transitioning to a fully-digital experience of our signature Impact Design Essentials course.  We welcome you to the first demo of this new version.  We consider you our partners in this process.  Building an online experience has been our plan from the beginning, however, COVID-19 has created the opportunity to move toward this vision sooner than we had originally planned. We look forward to working with you!

*Please note, we have yet to optimize this site for tablet or phone viewing. It is best viewed on a computer.

Watch the Launch session video here.

Weekly Cadence

Design Lab

Prep Work

2 - 4 hrs

FOR: School Team

Asynchronous individual and team activities that will lay the foundation for the Design Lab live session.

Design Lab


90 min

FOR: School Team


Live, facilitated learning session with six school teams.



Team Work Time

School teams can stay on the call after the Design Lab session for additional supported teamwork time.

Puzzle Builder


2 - 4 hrs

FOR: Puzzle Builder

One 2-hour live, facilitated learning session with other puzzle builders plus additional self-directed activities.



45 min

FOR: School Team

(all or part)

Optional coaching sessions available.


For help with Zoom: zoom@tegy.tools


For program questions: karen@tegy.tools

Access school team folders here.

Access network team folders here.